For its first year in collaboration with Tenun Pahang Diraja, FIZIWOO will be releasing its 2014 Demi-Couture Collection consisting of 7 looks. FIZIWOO was established by 2 designers back in 2011; has entered its third year and getting stronger. In collaboration with Tenun Pahang Diraja, the designers of FIZIWOO has taken the challenge of bringing Pahang traditional hand-woven fabrics to be adapted with modern fashion styles. For this collection, Mohd Hafizi Woo and Izree Kai Haffiz; the designers behind the brand was inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour.

The collection features 7 demi-couture pieces majorly using Tenun fabrics. The collection will combine modernity with tradition to produce a contemporary looks to the pieces. As for the fashion styles, fashion during the Old Hollywood Glamour era; during the 1940’s to 1960’s such as pencil skirts and peplum were injected to the collection. The whole concept of adapting western fashion to traditional Malay fabrics were used to diversify the potential of our traditional fabrics in catering the international fashion market. This collection in short can be described as ‘Demure Yet Eccentric’; suitable for modern and young generation women that appreciates traditions and culture.