FIZIWOO Spring/Summer 2019 collection takes inspiration from the Hundred Flowers Campaign that occurred during the Mao era in China. Chairman Mao Zedong launched a campaign that encouraged citizens to speak about their government, giving the people of Republic of China the freedom of speech. However, the campaign received a great backlash from the public, resulting in the execution of many lives. Each and every one of the people who fought in the campaign forms the “Hundred Flowers”. FIZIWOO Spring/Summer 2019 is launched as a tribute collection; every single flower and blossom embroidered on the looks represents the men and women who have fallen.

FIZIWOO interprets the story by combining the opposing dynamics of menswear and womenswear in the collection to represent the men and women involved in the “Hundred Flowers” movement. The pieces took elements from the chairman’s uniform called the Mao Suit; the military style pocket square, infused padded shoulders and combined it with the traditional silhouette of Chinese garment, the Hanfu; creating hip-length boxy cut jackets with wide open sleeves. FIZIWOO plays around with these elements to create exaggerated pieces that emphasize on shoulders and oversized jackets paired with hand-pressed pleated skirts. The pieces are made in layering of multiple sheer fabrics of mesh motif Tulle and flower motif French Lace, creating the translucent effect in breathable material which is suitable for the climate of spring and summer. The stiffness of the jacket is achieved by adding another layer to it with hard netting to maintain its shape. Alongside the press pleated tulle skirt, the collection also features lace culotte pants, asymmetrical tulle skirt, and high-waisted structured skirt, lined with hard netting to retain its elaborate arrangement which glows in pastel shades of nude, tiffany blue, and blush pink of small and scattered flower motifs. Lastly, the collection also brings along brocade in its suits and jackets with the base of rice-colour and black embroidered with colorful abstract floral motifs.

While different motif laces are used in various different notes ranging from pastel blue to vibrant emerald green, different cuttings of tulle skirt and pants are paired with them fabulously. In this way FIZIWOO has challenged itself and successfully created a whole new signature silhouette not commonly associated with the brand by introducing a new side to FIZIWOO yet retaining its signature form.

The collection is finished with embellishment crafted entirely by hand. Various renditions of flowers presented on each of the pieces in the collection represent as offerings to the souls who have fallen in the movement. Individual petals are cut out of various fabrics from Organza Silk, Chiffon Silk, and Tulle. The petals are then arranged skillfully to form flowers which were individually hand-dyed.