The ever mystical small paradise situated in the northern Africa, Morocco has been FIZIWOO’s inspiration in its latest Raya 2015 Collection. The rich history of Morocco has created a unique culture; distinctive from the rest of the world. The conquest of Byzantine Empire and Muslim over Morocco has contributed to its colorful civilization; the fashion, architecture and culture. With the strong Moorish architecture present in Morocco, it strengthen the existence of Islam in the region further relating it to the beliefs of the Muslims in Malaysia. Thus, FIZIWOO has embark into a quest; reinterpreting its style in KUALA LUMPUR-MOROCCO Raya 2015 Collection.

As the walls are covered with beautiful Moorish carvings and the floors are paved with intricate Roman mosaic; FIZIWOO has been greatly influenced by the colorful tapestries and detailing; reflecting it in its collection for Raya 2015. Glistering intricate beadworks with the custom-made golden ivy leaves sewn on most of FIZIWOO pieces can be seen in this Raya 2015 Collection embodying the rich Roman influence in the lives of Moroccan artisans. The colorful palette available in FIZIWOO Raya 2015 collection has been inspired by the spice market in Morocco; Canary Yellow, Tangerine Orange and Lime Green along with rich darker note of Marsala Red, Brown and Black dominates its collection.

FIZIWOO Raya 2015 Collection brings unforeseen play of fashion for traditional Baju Kurung. The designers atypical nature will bring its identity of fabric manipulation in FIZIWOO Raya 2015 Collection. New unexpected play of ruffles and peplum can be seen; alongside FIZIWOO signature contemporary cut lines and voluminous shapes. By combining different but complementary elements for the RAYA 2015 Collection; the designers behind FIZIWOO is pushing its limit in form making to bring something unforgettable in KUALA LUMPUR-MOROCCO.